Military Stateside Voter


Requesting your ballot

It is important that requests for vote by mail ballots be received in a timely manner in order to allow adequate time for the 
request to be processed and the ballot sent.  Military stateside voters may register to vote and/or request vote by mail ballots with a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) which is available from the Unit Voting Officer, or an Online Voter Registration/vote by mail Ballot Request may be completed, printed, signed, and then mailed to the address below.  
You may also make your request by clicking the icon to the right or by mail, fax or e-mail.  The following must be included in the request: 

  • the name of the voter requesting the ballot,
  • the voter's county of legal residence in Florida,
  • the voter's date of birth,                                                                                                                     Ballot Request                                                    
  • indicate which method you wish your ballot to be delivered:                                              
    1) If ballot is to be mailed, an out-of-county mailing address, OR                              
    2) If ballot is to be faxed, a fax number and an out-of-county address (only for purposes of affirming absence from county), OR                                                                 
    3) If ballot is to be transmitted by e-mail, your e-mail address and out-of-county address (only for purposes of affirming absence from county).  
  • The voter's signature (written requests only)                                                                                                            

Allow time for delivery depending on where you are currently stationed.  Please vote

your ballot as soon as it arrives.  IMPORTANT:

Follow the instructions included with the ballot and return the ballot as soon as possible.

Returning your ballot

You may return your voted vote by mail ballot either by mailin person or through someone else on behalf of the voter .  Any voted ballots returned by regular e-mail or fax will not be counted.

  • TO MAIL your voted ballot and Voter's Certificate to the supervisor of elections:
    1) Place your marked ballot in a secrecy envelope.  If the ballot was mailed to you by the supervisor of elections, use the secrecy envelope sent to you.  If your ballot was faxed to you or sent by e-mail, place your marked ballot in an unmarked envelope and seal the envelope.
    2) Insert the secrecy envelope inside a separate mailing envelope.  If the ballot was mailed to you, use the mailing envelope provided and fill out the Voter's Certificate on the back.  If the ballot was faxed to you or sent by e-mail, place the sealed secrecy envelope and the completed Voter's Certificate in another envelope for mailing.  Do not seal the Voter's Certificate in the secrecy envelope with the ballot.  Clearly mark the mailing envelope "vote by mail Ballot Enclosed".
    3) You may mail your vote by mail ballot the Liberty County Supervisor of Elections, P.O. Box 597, Bristol, FL  32321-0597 OR to mail your ballot free of postage, use the template provided at to print directly onto the mailing envelope or otherwise affix to the mailing envelope.  If you choose not to use the template, clearly mark the mailing envelope "vote by mail Ballot Enclosed" and provide sufficient postage.
  • IN PERSON OR DELIVERY FOR VOTER:  Vote by Mail ballots should be delivered to the Supervisor of Elections office located in the Liberty County courthouse at 10818 NW State Road 20, Bristol, FL during normal office hours.  

IMPORTANT REMINDER:  We must receive your voted ballot AND your signed Voter's Certificate in the Election's office by 7:00 p.m. ET election day in order for your ballot to count.  


Primary Election

Grant Conyers, Supervisor of Elections, Liberty County
10816 NW State Road 20 ● Bristol, Florida 32321-0597

PHONE: (850) 643 - 5226 ●