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Early Voting

 Voters may vote at the Supervisor of Elections Office ten days prior to an election. This is called Early Voting.  When you vote the ballot, you will deposit the ballot directly in a DS200 tabulator, just like at the polls on election day.  If you are disabled, an AutoMARK (ballot marking device) is available to assist you in voting independently.  The voter must present picture/signature identification(s) and sign an Early Voter Certificate. If a picture/signature identification isn't presented, the voter will still be able to vote by casting a provisional ballot.



 Early Voting will be held at the Liberty County Courthouse.

2016 Early Voting Dates are as follows:

Presidential Preference Primary:   February 29-March 12, 2016
Primary Election:   August 15-27, 2016
General Election:   October 24-November 5, 2016

Hours:  8am-4pm




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