Keep Your Voter Record Current

After you are registered to vote, it is important to keep your voter registration record up to date with your current addressname, and desired party affiliation. You can update your voter registration records or replace your voter information card by calling and requesting one, by sending a written, signed request or acompleted Florida Voter Registration Application Form (see online forms below) to the Supervisor of Elections office. A new voter information card will be mailed to you when your request is processed. 

Florida Statutes requires the Supervisor of Elections to inform voters of the method to update their registration signature. Voters may update their signature by completing a Florida Voters Registration Application Form, including your signature and mailing it to the address below.  For locations where voter registration applications are available, go to How to Register.

Change of Address Form
Florida Voter Registration Application Form 


Liberty County Supervisor of Elections
PO Box 597
Bristol, FL 32321

Primary Election

Grant Conyers, Supervisor of Elections, Liberty County
10816 NW State Road 20 ● Bristol, Florida 32321-0597

PHONE: (850) 643 - 5226 ●