How to Mark Your Ballot

Liberty County currently uses the Election Systems and Software DS200 precinct based tabulation system.This system reads marksense paper ballots where a voter marks their choice of candidates by filling in the oval next to the candidate's name. (See example at below). 


In 2005, HAVA and state legislation mandated for each precinct,a voting unit that is accessible to the disabled community allowing the voter to vote unassisted. In December, 2011 our county entered into an agreement with ES&S to provide AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminals which would replace the iVotronic Voting System.The AutoMARK will bring our county into compliance with the provisions of 101.56075 F.S.that all voting must be on marksense paper ballots by 2016. The AutoMARK ballot-marking technology allows voters with disabilities and other special needs to mark a regular paper ballot privately and independently and have their ballot tabulated with all other ballots in the DS200. A voter can either touch the screen to make his or her selection, or use an audio device to have the ballot read to him or her and selections are then made by using a series of Braille-embossed buttons. See the DS200 and the AutoMark below.

                                           DS200                                                                 AutoMARK



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