Voting Vote By Mail Ballot

If you are a qualified, registered voter in Liberty County, you are entitled to vote with a vote by mail ballot.          

One request shall be sufficient to receive an vote by mail ballot for all elections through the next two election cycles (up to the end of that last calendar year) unless the voter or the voter's designee indicates at the time the request is made, only certain elections for which the voter wants to receive a vote by mail ballot. Such request may be considered canceled when any first-class mail sent to the voter, by the supervisor, is returned deliverable.     
The supervisor may accept a request for a vote by mail ballot from a voter in person, in writing, by email, or by telephone. The voter may directly instruct an immediate family member or legal guardian to request a vote by mail ballot on their behalf. The person making the request must provide:

  * the name for whom the ballot is requested, 
  * the address and birth date of the voter 
  * the requester's name, 
  * the requester's address, 
  * the requester's driver's license number, if available and 
  * their relationship to the voter for whom the request is made.  
  * If requesting in person, a signature must be provided. 

An overseas voter is: an absent uniformed services voter who, by reason of active duty or service, is absent from the United States on the date of the election; a person who resides outside the United States and is qualified to vote in the last place in which the person was domiciled before leaving the United States; or a person who resides outside the United States and, but for such residence, would be qualified to vote in the last place in which the person was domiciled before leaving the United States. Refer to Florida Statute 97.021(23) as amended by HB 131.  For more information on overseas voters, click here.

Overseas vote by mail ballots will be mailed as soon as they are received from the printer, not later than 45 days prior to an election. 

An absent uniformed services voter is a member of a uniformed service on active duty or a member of the merchant marine in service or the spouse or a dependent of such member who, by reason of the active duty or service, is absent from the place of residence where they would otherwise be qualified to vote. Refer to Florida Statute 97.021(2).  For more information on military stateside voters, click here

All vote by mail ballots other than overseas ballots will be sent out between 35-28 days prior to an election.

Please make sure our office has your correct mailing address on file, as vote by mail ballots cannot be forwarded. 

- The deadline to request an vote by mail ballot to be mailed is up to the sixth day (Wednesday) before an election.

Pursuant to Florida law, a designee may only pick up a vote by mail for an voter five (5) days prior to an election. The vote by mail voter may designate in writing another person to obtain the ballot for them. The designee may only pick up two (2) vote by mail ballots per election other than their own or a member of their immediate family. All required information must be provided and the designee must provide photo identification and complete an affidavit.  Click here for a copy of the Affidavit to Pick-up vote by mail Ballot for a Voter. 

The voter must follow the instructions by signing the Voter's Certificate.  The instructions are included with the ballot. 
The ballot may be rejected as illegal if all information is not provided as instructed.

Voted vote by mail ballots must be received in the Supervisor of Elections office by 7 p.m. ET election day. A vote by mail ballot may be returned to the Supervisor of Election's Office, or by mail. There are exceptions for overseas voter.  A voted vote by mail ballot cannot be accepted at a polling place.

 Click here for a signature cure affidavit.

*Vote by Mail will be canvassed on Election Day starting at 3 pm. The canvassing board meeting is open to the public*





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