Voting at the Polls

Voting is an opportunity to voice your opinion.  In Florida there are three methods for voting--Voting at the pollsa vote by mail ballot or early voting.  There is no excuse for not voting!

In this section we will be discussing voting at the polls.  For more information on the other alternative for voting, click on vote by mail Voting or Early Voting.

On election day, the polls open at 7:00 am & close at 7:00 pm ET. Florida law requires that you vote in the precinct where you live. Your voter information card shows the precinct, polling place and voting districts for your address. If you move within the county, you must vote in your new precinct. Please complete a voter registration application or contact the supervisor's office at (850) 643-5226 to update your address.

If you have registered to vote but do not have your voter information card, you can call the Supervisor of Elections' office at (850) 643-5226 and they can tell you what precinct you live in and where your polling place is located.  You can also go to the precinct finder for a map of your precinct's location.

When voting, every voter must present a Florida Driver's License, Florida Identification or another form of picture & signature identification approved by the Florida Department of State (see list of approved identifications).  If you do not have one of the approved forms of identification with you, you will still be able to vote.  You will be issued a provisional ballot.  A provisional ballot is a conditional ballot which is issued to a voter whose eligibility cannot be determined or has been challenged.  Validity of these ballots are determined by the canvassing board.  Being issued a provisional ballot at the voting site will cause delays for you and those following you.  Please bring picture/signature identification with you to the polls. The law requires the poll worker to verify your signature before permitting you to vote. 

If your voting eligibility is in question, you will not be denied the opportunity to vote.  You will be issued a provisional ballot.  State law provides provisional voters 2 days to present proof of eligibility to the Supervisor of Elections' Office before provisional ballots are canvassed.  Provisional voters may call the Supervisor of Elections' Office at 643-5226 or click here to check the status of his or her provisional ballot.










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