If you're interested in running for an office, there are steps and guides to follow.  An information packet will be given to you when you decide you're ready to file.

Below we have some guidelines and dates you'll need to keep in mind.


*The Statement of Candidate is due 10 days after filing to run. This states that you have been provided access to read and understand the requirements of Chapter 106, FL Statutes.  

FL Statutes Chapter 106

*Last date for candidates to change party affiliation is 365 days before qualifying.


You are not qualified unless all of the following items are completed and on file in the supervisor’s office by the appropriate date. (Dates are below)

 __Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository

__Full and Public Disclosure of Financial Interest (2017)

__Candidate’s oath

 __ Statement of Candidate 

  __Statement of Political Party Affiliation (Partisan Candidates Only)

__Copy of Notice of Obtaining Ballot Position (Alternative Method)


__Check drawn on campaign account for qualifying fees.


To qualify using the petition method you will need 45 completed petitions signed by any active registered voter in Liberty County regardless of party affiliation. 

The petitions verification fee is .10 cents a petition due prior to petitions being verified.


Last date to Submit Petitions:

Noon, March 25th 2024 ( Judge Candidates) 

Noon, May 13, 2024

Qualifying Dates:

JUDGE - Noon, April 22- Noon, April 26, 2024

COUNTY -  Noon, June 10 -Noon, June 14, 2024.


If you choose to qualify by paying a qualifying fee the amount will be:

County Commissioner- $1,572.24

School Board - $1031.20

Sheriff- $6,478.44

Constitutional Officers- $5,912.76

County Judge- $7,224.64


Election Dates:                                                               Books Close for Registration  

PPP- March 19, 2024                                                      February 20, 2024

Primary Election – August 20, 2024                                July 22, 2024

General Election – November 5, 2024                          October 7, 2024


L & A Test on Tabulator:                                            Early Voting

PPP- February 23, 2024                                               March 9-16, 2024

Primary Election – July 26 @ 9 a.m.                               August 5-17, 2024

General Election – October 11 @ 9 a.m.                        October 21- November 2, 2024


*Instructions for Online Reporting will be given when you file. You will be filing through our website.

*The guide to campaign financial information is located here: Candidate & Campaign Treasurer Handbook


Primary Election

Grant Conyers, Supervisor of Elections, Liberty County
10816 NW State Road 20 ● Bristol, Florida 32321-0597

PHONE: (850) 643 - 5226 ●