Online Registration


The Florida Voter Registration Application Form is used to register to vote in the State of Florida.  The link to the electronic version is below.  Eligibility to register to vote in Florida also depends on the applicant swearing or affirming to an oath, signing and dating the application form.

NOTE:  If you are registering by mail, you have never voted in Florida, and you have not been issued a Florida driver's license, Florida identification card, or Social Security number, you will be required to provide additional identification prior to voting the first time.  A copy of your identification should be mailed along with the application, to help avoid delays at the polls.  Click here for a list of acceptable forms of ID (Florida Driver's License and Florida ID do not apply in this situation). For a list of those who are exempt, click here Exemptions. If your application is complete and you qualify as a voter, the Supervisor of Elections will mail you a voter information card as official notification of your registration.


Liberty County Supervisor of Elections
PO Box 597
Bristol, FL 32321


Primary Election

Grant Conyers, Supervisor of Elections, Liberty County
10816 NW State Road 20 ● Bristol, Florida 32321-0597

PHONE: (850) 643 - 5226 ●